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atelier ryza

Voici la liste complète et officielle des trophées du jeu Atelier Ryza. La liste est la même quelque soit votre plateforme de jeu. Retenez bien que tous les trophées du jeu sont normalement cachés et donc susceptibles de spoiler certains éléments de l’histoire.

Trophées en bronze

  • The Adventure Begins : Visit the mainland for the first time.
  • Alchemic Talent : Synthesize for the first time.
  • Klaudia’s Curiosity : Attend a tea party with Ryza and Klaudia.
  • Creeping shadows : Witness the rise of  a strange beast.
  • Build a Hideaway : Build a secret hideout for everyone.
  • Castle Dragon : Defeat the Dragon at the Old Castle.
  • A Stupid Argument : Learn about the history of Ryza and the others.
  • A Lost World : Lay eyes on the Underworld.
  • Overnight Campout : Spend the night camping in the Underworld.
  • A New Hand : Help Empel regain his former strenght.
  • The Abandoned Tower : Visit the holy tower of Pynnor and learn the truth.
  • A Manmade Island : Enter the Kurken Bunker.
  • An Island Reborn : Create the Crimson Stone and save Kurken Island.
  • Find the Kurken Fruit ! : Create the Reaper’s Scythe
  • I’m Lumberjack ! : Create the Woodcutter’s Axe.
  • I’m Crushing It ! : Create the Hammer.
  • Detonate and Decimate ! : Create the Bomb Rod.
  • Fishing Master : Create the Fishing Rod.
  • Bug Catcher : Create the Bug Net.
  • Weapon Forger : Install a power reactor at the hideout.
  • True Firepower ! : Find and install all power reactors.
  • It’s a Small World : Install the gathering synthesizer at the secret hideout.
  • Item Cloner : Install the Multicauldron at the secret hideout.
  • Furry White Wanderer : Save the goat you meet at your travels.
  • Island Speciality : Help create Rasen Pudding.
  • Popular Islander : Complete requests to get Peter interview you.
  • The Courageous One : Become a Braver.
  • Fully Fatal Drive : Activate everyone’s Fatal Drive.
  • Ultra Alchemy :  Create an item with item level 99.
  • The First Step : Write a record of one exploration.
  • Secret Treasure : Find one treasure chest.
  • World Creator : Create a bottle with gathering sinthesizer level 51.
  • Godly Punni : Defeat the Shining Punni.
  • Fierce Valley King : Defeat the Savage Assassin.
  • Holy Tower Sentinel : Defeat the Mirage Master.
  • Legendary Giant : Defeat the Eternal Sculpture.
  • Fallen Champion : Defeat the Noble Paladin.
  • Rainmaker : Defeat the King of Storms.

Trophées en argent

  • Beyond The Present : See everyone move on to chase their dreams.
  • Musclebound Alchemist : Get Ryza’s battle level to 50.
  • Total Mastery : Get Ryza’s alchemy level to 99.
  • Alchemy Master : Obtain all recipes.
  • Our Adventure Memory : Write a record of every exploration.
  • Treasure Hunter : Find all treasure chests.
  • Queen of Darkness : Defeat the Queen of Darkness.

Trophées en or

  • Lost Alchemy Tone : Obtain the Revelation Book.
  • Elemental Slayer : Defeat all 5 Great Elements.
  • True Queen of Shadows : Defeat the Queen of Shadows.

Trophée en platine

  • Atelier Ryza : Earn all trophies.


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